Healthcare in Spain

healthcare in spain

Spain spends a greater proportion of GDP on healthcare than the UK and it also has more practising doctors. Some may say this is part of the reason why Spaniards have a greater life expectancy than Britons.

As a new resident on the Costa Blanca you will be entitled to free Spanish state healthcare if you register with Spanish Social security which means you must contribute financially to the system for example in employment.

If you are an expat of retirement age you don’t need to worry because as British pensioners moving to Spain, you will receive the same level of free healthcare as any Spanish national. To receive this, they would need to simply register an S1 (E121) form.

If you haven’t received retirement age and don’t work when you move to Spain, you may need to take out healthcare insurance to cover your medical bills.

Whichever option applies to you the standard of medical care you receive on the Costa Blanca will be very high.

On the Costa Blanca each village or resort has its own medical centre, where you can book appointments with a doctor, most are English speaking, especially in areas popular with expats. For operations or emergencies there are ample hospitals and clinics, private and public up and down the Costa Blanca.

A bonus of the Spanish healthcare system is the pharmacies not only provide prescriptions, they are also highly qualified and can give advice about minor conditions. They will happily check your blood pressure on request and provide certain medications, including antibiotics on their own diagnosis without prescriptions. In costa Blanca, there should be a 24hr pharmacy open near you and will generally have an English-speaking member of staff.

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