Spanish Tourist Security Advice

SUMMER TIME – CRIME PREVENTION ADVICE Summer has once again arrived on the Coast and the many Visitors to our Communities and Urbanizations, that come here each year, will soon be arriving as well. Please take every opportunity to advise … Read More

Emergency Phone numbers

POLICIA LOCAL 96 671 51 29 Avda. Cortes Valencianas, 33 GUARDIA CIVIL 96 570 01 28 Plaza Blanca, EMERGENCIAS 112 this number answered centrally in Madrid, you are directed to an English speaker.

Spain – Police Fines

Driving in flip-flops. €80. Driving barefoot or shirtless. €80. Drinking while driving. €100. Hand, elbow or arm out of the window. €80. Driving with a cap / hat that cover the ears. €80. Eating while driving. €100. Objects on the … Read More

Healthcare in Spain

Spain spends a greater proportion of GDP on healthcare than the UK and it also has more practising doctors. Some may say this is part of the reason why Spaniards have a greater life expectancy than Britons. As a new … Read More

Business Insurance in Spain

Setting up a business is not always a walk in the park. If you want to start one in Spain, you will need some insurance in order to reduce potential risks. There are three mandatory business insurances according to Spanish … Read More

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